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  1. I even tried windows management instrumentation and making sure it was set to automatic. The error I've been getting now is "can not connect to service" Its quite vital to my new job I get my security up and running again. I'll attach the MB check in my next post. As a foresight. I play lots of Japanese games and visual novels so that will be in the logs lol. Thanks in advance.
  2. So I'm having trouble opening malwarebytes; in mater of fact, any anti malware system at all wont open. I'm very confused because I'm usually pretty good with this kind of stuff. I downloaded the "Bose updater" and then all my issues arose. What steps should I take, I've tried safe mode but not with network yet. Could someone run it through me please?
  3. That seemed to work, thank you. do you know how it might of been disabled?
  4. i have a lot of games and Foreign/ Japanese visual novels and occasionally i need to change my system local but that's never caused issues before. usually its after a windows update when i have a problem. heres the log info mb-check-results.zip
  5. so I noticed my Malware-bytes was gone from my quick toolbar so i tried to run the .exe to no avail. each time it told me that it couldn't connect the service. i uninstaled it and reinstaled it, same results, then i used the cleaner tool ive seen in ohter similar forums on this site but that too got me nowhere. prior to this i ran a full scan the day before with no issues and recently a quick scan with windows defender. however nothing showed up i have 64bit windows 10 Toshiba laptop. i have/ had the premium home version installed on my pc
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