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  1. Sorry I was unable to access my computer for the past 10 days as I was out of town. Task manager still not opening, I have posted the error message below. When I launched the FRST file, it started scanning but closed suddenly. I had to then scan it in safe mode, and when I clicked on fix, it said no fixlist file found. Anyways, here's the logfiles: Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. It seemed fine at first; however, when I turned it back on today I was unable to open the task manager. I scanned with Malwarebytes for malware, and one popped up. I am still unable to open task manager though. quarantine log3.txt
  3. 11 threats detected and all were quarantined. Computer was not prompted to reboot. I did another scan without reboot and no threats detected. quarantine log2.txt
  4. Might be repeats but posted all 4 just in case. FRST_13-04-2018 11.31.25.txt Addition_13-04-2018 11.31.25.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. As I mentioned in my post above, my browser crashes each time I click on the link to download FRST. Should I try downloading it on another device and transferring it to my computer using a pen drive?
  6. @exile360 Thank you for the service. I have taken your advice and followed the instructions in the topic you posted. However, I was unable to install the farbar recovery tool and was facing the same problem when I tried downloading it using the automated message link. I included this in my post in the malware removal area.
  7. I had problems that had prevented me from installing or using any anti-virus software. I had to run a special build of Malwarebytes anti-rootkit from here to solve that problem and install Malware Bytes. Here's the forum where I posted my problems and was helped. I was redirected to this post and was able to do the threat scan; however, whenever I click on the link for the Farbar Recovery Scan tool, my browser closes. I am using Microsoft Edge as I had to uninstall both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox when they faced numerous problems and refused to open. I was strongly recommended to post h
  8. @exile360 Ran the scan, and deleted malware. The installation worked after that. Thanks. Here are the logs and the report summary(not all threats were apparently quarantined) system-log.txt mbar-log-2018-04-09 (12-49-04).txt mbar-log-2018-04-09 (17-18-19).txt quarantine log.txt
  9. I rebooted in safe mode. When I click on the .exe file, nothing happens or opens up. When I deleted the certificates of malwarebytes this same problem still prevailed and nothing happened when I clicked on the setup file Edit: Rebooted in normal mode after deleting certificates. Clicked on exe file and granted permission to access storage. Nothing happened after that.
  10. Edit: I tried to download FRST but my browser keeps closing on its own. After trying on different browsers, Windows ran into problems and had to restart. I'll try again after it does.
  11. I downloaded the free version of malware bytes. When I opened file "malwarebytes_assistant.exe" I got the following error. "An administrator has blocked you from running this app"
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