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  1. As far as I can see everything seems to be running amazing! I had no idea what to do. If I have any other issues or anything I guess I'll open another topic. Thanks so much for all the help and patience!!
  2. Okay I ran the fix, it seems everything is running normally. I'm able to open programs and CPU usage is normal. I was able to restart without a stopcode error. I did notice while booting up that I saw a blank process at 0% suspended. When I opened Firefox it went away and everything still seems to be normal. Fixlog.txt
  3. Hey I just woke up and my computers been on for a couple of hours and no sign of any viruses so far! One of the steps last night might've fixed it. I'm afraid to restart but I'm going to - just to make sure that its gone for sure here soon, I'll update you then.
  4. Sorry I ran the wrong scan, named it that not thinking. Just ran the scan for FRST. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. Nothing was found in safe mode I got two stopcode errors trying to scan in normal mode. FRST.txt
  6. Yes, that works in normal mode - logs/export works also as long as I export before rebooting and getting the stopcode. Est. 30 Mins~
  7. Yes I've booted back up in normal mode and the cpu issue and the closing of programs/browser still remains.
  8. They immediatly close when I try to open them. I was able to scan in safemode though. AdwCleaner[C4].txt RKreport.txt
  9. Im unable to use either. I was unable to download them so I transferred with flash drive from another computer. After transferring im still unable to open them from the computer though
  10. I don't see the most recent scan its not showing but heres another I guess before it or auto-detect website blocked or something actually thats from yesterday, out of like 10+ scans I was doing all day. But it just blocked a website is all it shows for today vkssoft or something I cant export anything for it though or even view that detail now. But I don't have anything from today. I can run another scan though scan.txt
  11. Alright I was unable to Export Summary. Stopcode crash after choosing to restart (as usual) Though it does keep the items in quarantine after the reboot, I can't export unless I don't restart. It found 201 items, all false positives except for 1 - Dapp.exe ...the rest were all DLL Suite; a program I tried to download to fix the issue to no avail. Deleted all 201 items. I guess its not the only culprit though - Still having the High CPU Usage issue.
  12. Okay I'm in normal mode now - The High CPU usage has returned to normal (10%~) Awesome! Running the scan now. Nevermind after about 5 minutesthe high cpu blank process has returned - I'll update after the scan restart.
  13. Should I restart my computer normal mode or is Safe Mode with Networking okay? Also it usually takes about 30 minutes for the normal full scan on my computer. Also a lot of times yesterday while running the scan when restarting i'd get stopcode errors eventually after a lot of attempts it removed them hopefully that won't happen.
  14. Hey i was able to apply the fix and get the scan done while in advanced startup. I had to reboot 3x to get to advanced startup. I kept getting stopcode bluescreen errors trying to get there normally. Also I'm now im Safemode with Networking, after another stopcode error. Let me know if thats a problem. Anyways heres the files Fixlog.txt FRST.txt
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