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  1. Hi Tom I've just accessed your site OK on Firefox and Chrome....
  2. See Gonzo's post above regarding TLDs such as .info, .cc etc. suggest you ask your domain to be whitelisted as they did for mine.
  3. Excellent - thanks. Do you know why it was blacklisted?
  4. url is www.theoldschool.info and ip address is
  5. Just discovered that if I type my domain name it accesses my site OK but if I type my domain IP address it blocks me!
  6. I run 2 webservers (abyss) on 2 PCs - both with home weather stations. One is on port 80 and the other on port 8000 - if I access the PC just using my top level domain (i.e. http port 80) via Firefox 74.0 if connects fine but if I try and access the other PC on port 8000 Browser Guard blocks me with the message "Website blocked due to a suspicious top level domain (TLD)". The TLD is the same in both cases so why is it being blocked on port 8000 but not on port 80? Any suggestions anybody?
  7. Thanks - method 1 (i.e. what I'd already tried) didn't work but method 2 seems to have done
  8. Thanks @dcollins but that page just tells you about getting alerts but doesn't help you with instructions as to disable them, however, it set me to checking in the dashboard and I found it under Settings>Appication Update tab> "Notify me when full version updates are available" slider. Thanks!
  9. Meantime how can I stop MWB from nagging me daily to update to the new version?!
  10. I have same problem with version with the slider for exploit protection locked off. Reverted to version & problem solved. Hope that MB will fix in next version
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