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  1. Excellent - thanks. Do you know why it was blacklisted?
  2. url is www.theoldschool.info and ip address is
  3. Just discovered that if I type my domain name it accesses my site OK but if I type my domain IP address it blocks me!
  4. I run 2 webservers (abyss) on 2 PCs - both with home weather stations. One is on port 80 and the other on port 8000 - if I access the PC just using my top level domain (i.e. http port 80) via Firefox 74.0 if connects fine but if I try and access the other PC on port 8000 Browser Guard blocks me with the message "Website blocked due to a suspicious top level domain (TLD)". The TLD is the same in both cases so why is it being blocked on port 8000 but not on port 80? Any suggestions anybody?
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