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  1. Maurice - I am currently running Dell's online diagnostics on my PC, although it says it has been "preparing my report" for well over 90 minutes and the estimated time on Dell's website said 40 mins. As to the keyboard error, I havn't changed the keyboard but it has been evident since I had a new C:\ drive installed by a local repair shop after my previous one failed. I havn't bothered about it as the keyboard works perfectly well in normal use but this may be why I cannot select any of the options from the list during the Safe Mode setup.
  2. Sam Jones - thanks for that info, unfortunately I am having issues with booting into Safe Mode. I have already tried it as it was suggested in one of the earlier posts. I reach the screen with the seven options but when trying to select F4 or F5 (or 4 or 5) nothing happens and I am stuck on that screen and I have to power down the PC in order to reboot it. One thing I have noticed that may or may not have a bearing on that - during bootup I get the normal one beep but it is followed by another beep with a message of 'Keyboard failure'. I noticed this happening after I had to have a new hard drive installed a couple of months ago by a local computer shop but I thought no more of it as the keyboard works fine once I reach the login screen.
  3. Not absolutely sure what constitutes tablet software to be honest. My PC is a traditional tower (Dell Inspiron) and I do not think I have anything out of the ordinary on it. The last two programs I installed within the past few weeks were Whatsapp (I didn't have this on my phone at the time) and Dropbox as I needed to send a number of files to someone but that is the one and only time I have used it. Since having this problem with Malwarebytes I have uninstalled both Whatsapp and Dropbox in an effort (unsuccessful) to solve the problem.
  4. Liquid Tension - as described I have run through the Crash Dump procedure. Please see link below: https://we.tl/t-v2s0kOpj3x
  5. Maurice - I temporarily shutdown Kaspersky (note: the only icon I could see in the taskbar notification area was a green tick and it was titled Kaspersky Internet Security. There wasn't a red K icon). I tried loading Malwarebytes from the program list as you suggested but same result I'm afraid. As I don't want the PC to be vulnerable I have started Kaspersky again.
  6. I have gone through the setting changes in Kaspersky as per your link but Malwarebytes still refuses to open. I have used Kaspersky for a number of years and Malwarebytes has always worked alongside it previously. I have also tried opening Malwarebytes after a reboot and downloaded and installed yet another free version but the result is till the same. This is so weird. You must be feeling as exasperated as I am. 😩
  7. Maurice - the plot thickens I'm afraid. I can't even get the PC to start in Safe Mode. The process goes as follows: I use the Settings option and go through Update & Security > Recovery > Advanced Startup > Restart now The PC reboots and shows the blue Startup settings screen with the seven options but irrespective if I use option 4 or F4 nothing happens - it is almost as if the PC has hung as Ctrl+Alt+Del does nothing either and I have to switch the PC off and on again with the power button This is all so frustrating and I feel I am digging a bigger hole for myself.
  8. Hi Exile360 - I have received a few emails from you regarding my problem but I'm baffled as to why they have gone to my email address but are not appearing as posts within this thread. I cannot reply to those emails as they go to a "No Reply" address. You also mention in those emails a photo/graphics software that may be a factor in the problem but I never mentioned anything about said software in my original post. Was something evident in the support log file regarding a photo program?
  9. Sorry for taking so long to reply - I have been away for a couple of days. Malwarebytes still won't open, even after a reboot.
  10. Thanks for your reply. Attached is the log file. mbst-grab-results.zip
  11. I wanted to run a manual scan but noticed that the Malwarebytes icon had disappeared from the startup options in the system tray. I tried starting it from the main start menu in Windows but all that happens is I get the Windows circular timer for a couple of seconds and then nothing. Malwarebytes doesn't open. I uninstalled Malwarebytes and downloaded and installed the latest (free) version with the intention of adding my licence key once the program had opened but I am still having the same problem - Windows timer for about two seconds but the program will still not load up. Version: Windows 10 Home
  12. Many thanks for your reply. I have disabled fast startup and rebooted and things seem to be OK at the moment so presumably that was the cause. Thanks again.
  13. The Malwarebytes icon has appeared on my taskbar with the message Malwarebytes Tray Application (Not Responding) when I hover over it. If I open up the system tray there is no Malwarebytes icon visible but I can load it by going to the Windows Start Menu and it loads fine (see screenshot below). I am running Windows 10 and Malwarebytes ver 3.6.1.
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