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  1. Hi Dashke, An update to the MWB scan finished just now. The scan found nothing. No infected files, no threats detected. I shouldn't worry about this any longer? Thanks so much! Julie
  2. Hello Dashke, Thank you for your assistance. I have been away for over 9 hours and see that MWB must have automatically updated itself; I clicked on "updates" after reviewing the above posts and am now running a scan. (the usual automatically scheduled scan will run again around 11:30pm edt). So my understanding is that I need to do nothing more? By running MWB the trojan files are removed? I will certainly post again if I ever encounter the same situation. Thanks for your help Julie
  3. Hello, I received this popup message repeatedly when accessing hotmail email website. I automatically scan with MWB and ran another scan after the popup. I have changed the hotmail password and downloaded and ran farbar recovery scan tool (after reading other blogs); results also attached. I am not bothered by the popup unless it means I should do something to remove the trojan. If it means just ignore it, malwarebytes has taken care of it, that's fine. I am not very computer savvy, so I am alarmed by the popups. If I need to "remove" the trojan from the laptop, please help me follow steps to do so. Thanks for your advice. Julie MWB 1062018 Addition.txt FRST MWB 10062018.txt
  4. Is there is a way to block this malicious webpage? It pops up after I log in to Yahoo and am directed to the Yahoo home page. If I do not immediately leave the Yahoo home page, the attd zipped page appears. If I do not immediately close the tab, it locks the screen and I am unable to close the tab. I must power down the laptop and restart it to get rid of the page. This only happens upon logging in to Yahoo. (I don't know what would happen if I didn't log in to Yahoo and just visited the home page.) archive.zip
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