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  1. I have the new malware database update v2018.04.03.01 and can confirm the issue is resolved. The app is no longer false detected.
  2. Hmm this is happening on my new AT&T GS9+. I've also scanned with ESET and AVG and those aren't detecting it.
  3. Today (4/2/18) Malwarebytes Mobile is detecting the system application Setup & Transfer as the following: Android/Trojan.Banker.Hqwar.i This is a pre-existing (I think AT&T?) system application which cannot be removed only disabled - I also get a prompt asking if I want to whitelist it which I have not. There was only one other user who posted about this in the Malware Removal for Mobile forum (sorry if this is considered a cross-post). Has anyone else encountered this today? Any chance it is just a false positive? App version: and Malware database is 2018.04.02.01
  4. Hi Harrison, Yeah, I chose not to whitelist or ignore that AT&T Setup & Transfer app. I don't think the file is corrupt. I am hoping it is a false detection from the 4/2 definitions update... Hopefully some others will chime in on this topic.
  5. I have encountered the same detection today. Same outcome attempting to remove it. Can only disable and then prompted to whitelist it.
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