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  1. Thank you for the quick response!
  2. The attached VARA v2.2.0 program is quarantined when trying to install. The quarantine log is also attached. the previous version 2.1.0 (also attached) installed with no alarms. The VARA program is an amateur radio modem (radio to computer) program that allows the transmission and reception of high speed data over amateur radio frequencies. it can be used by itself and it has been incorporated into the global Winlink radio email system that supports maritime, land based, portable and mobile amateur radio stations. It is particularly valuable when supporting emergency communications. A screenprint is attached of v2.1.0 The URL to the website where VARA is available is https://rosmodem.wordpress.com/ Please update Malwarebytes so that it won't false positive this important program. Thank you. Gary K7GJT Quarantine Log for VARA.txt VARA v2.2.0 setup (Run as Administrator).zip VARA 2.1.0 setup (Run as Administrator).zip
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