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  1. Hey guys these days my malwarebytes premium version was working totally fine but suddenly today it transformed to the free version and when i tried to re-activate the license i am getting the error as "Entitlement error your license key is wrong blah blah and try again " I have also tried un-installing and again installing the program but still it is the same issue! And in my account details i get as lifetime free
  2. Hey guys, I use malwarebytes no doubts in that but whenever i sign in my PC after every 5 min.s i get a opened command prompt windows with a weird name like("aghdbcfg3w") Something like that and i get a POP up windows saying that the computer couldn't find the required file, please try writing the name correctly, whereas i didn't type anything or the other! Because of that VIRUS, i think i am getting unwanted Ads on Youtube and i can clearly say that the ads are some kind of Virus. So i have installed AdBlockPlus, And i am providing a screenshot of the popup window and if you need other info
  3. i saw on a website that we should disable the wifi adapter from the device manager and we should restart our PC and when i did that BOOM i was connected to my wifi without limited access error! but after a few secondsi got disconnected and when i tried connecting again i got the Limited Access Error!
  4. Hey! My PC was running normally but after i restarted my computer on the same day when the computer was fine i actually got a WiFi Limited Access Error! These days it was running correctly but i don't know how it has a Limited Access Error! I googled a lot but found nothing helpful i tried everything i could but still i am facing this error please help me! If you need more specific information Please reply me and help me!
  5. hey do you know the webframework of Python called as Django? Because I have done doubts in it! Suggest me some websites the post! I can post in Stackoverflow after 5 days! I have posted on Reddit but no response
  6. hey do you know the webframework of Python called as Django? Because I have done doubts in it! Suggest me some websites the post! I can post in Stackoverflow after 5 days! I have posted on Reddit but no response
  7. Boot issue has not been fixed! I have inserted my USB behind my CPU so that it is always at the back and the wifi adapter at the front
  8. Bro I am a student I want to code my website! I study in school and I was getting internet issues so I took a cheapest wifi USB adapter by my own money not depending on my parents money! And yes I use incognito tab :|
  9. Thank you guys because of your support I have got a good connection on my desktop through USB wifi adapter! Thanks alot
  10. Hey! i love malwarebytes and its features and its ossum and as i have a 1.25 GB of RAM on my windows 8.1. I wasn't knowing this but i knew it today that malwarebytes automatically scans my computer without asking for me! And as a result my PC starts to lag! I know i should make a scan everyday and i do make one when i am free! so please say me hot to disable the automatic scan on startup! THANKS, KIRAN,
  11. But actually my PC is very old! It had windows XP 7days ago and I made a bootable USB and I installed Windows 8.1 do you think it is compatible?
  12. Ya bro I have got a perfect solution! I am going to buy a USB wifi adapter today and I just wanted to ask whether it has any system requirements or it just runs in any system?
  13. I don't think it's about adult sites or anything because I am using my neighbours wifi and go check their IP address every day ( and I don't find anything over there!
  14. Hey i have recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and as a habit i have been always using USB Tethering to access Data! So i have encountered this problem on windows 8. The problem is that whenever i use USB Tethering or I turn on USB Tethering i actually get fast internet but after surfing for time or using access DATA in few seconds i get a exclamation mark on the Network Signal which actually says the name of the network and below there is a caption named LIMITED . My Mobile internet is turned on and the error is as said! I am frustrated because of this I am not able to download files from the
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