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  1. Is the host trying to force these files on visitors or are they part of a historical archive?
  2. How come cd.textfiles.com is blocked for a Trojan? They are a somewhat legitimate archival website; perhaps contact their webmaster if something is detected, in order to put up an advisory if appropriate?
  3. Does this mean you have ceased all partnerships with WOT? If so, that is very unfortunate for both Malwarebytes and WOT users.
  4. I have seen the following in the MyWOT forum: https://forum.mywot.com/posting.php?mode=reply&f=3&t=93256 Since it is also no longer available as a trusted source, will you be offering MyWOT an alternative source of domains to blacklist?
  5. Still blocking outgoing IPv6 ping, running Controllers 1.0.896 Since this is only a minor inconvenience and I can ping when Web Protection is turned off I do not plan on downgrading at this time; I don't know the last build that let IPv6 ping pass through. TCP/IP still works fine over IPv6 even with Web Protection on.
  6. When Web Protection is on (Malwarebytes 4.1.0, Windows 10 Insider Preview 19619 x64) I cannot ping to an IPv6 address. If I turn off Web Protection it works fine.
  7. hpHosts was used in default installations of Pi-hole, a network-wide adblocker, specifically its "Ad servers" list. Lists have also been used by other third parties. Shutting this down and removing access to the data to me seems quite short-sighted.
  8. It's unfortunate that you would delete a service that has been so useful for third party filters.
  9. Now it appears hpHosts has been taken down and replaced by something called "Malwarebytes Browser Guard" and I can no longer look up site ratings.
  10. The issue is getting worse; attempting to load a site report now gives a HTTP 500 error.
  11. My copy of TortoiseGit failed to install, with the shown domain and IP being blocked by Malwarebytes.
  12. Never mind, it is already automatic, however, could you consider activating it in High Contrast Black mode too?
  13. Could you consider automatically enabling dark mode when Windows 10 Dark theme (or High Contrast Black) is enabled?
  14. I've noticed recently hpHosts has been slow (much slower than usual) to load site reports, the homepage doesn't indicate new additions since August 2019, and the site report pages often have "Failed to resolve" errors on the report's IP address and hosting boxes. What's happened to hpHosts, and will it ever be brought back to a workable state?
  15. disktrix.com, the website where a paid defrag program is sold, is being blocked by Malwarebytes. If this is the result of their recent, unwise decision to use Cloudflare and it's an IP block, please try to get in touch with their support to warn them of the risks of Cloudflare.
  16. A copy of mingw-get-setup.exe got a false positive Malware.Heuristic.7 detection. This is a copy of the MinGW-get setup bootstrapper, which I have confirmed has not been tampered with since I downloaded it by Googling its SHA1 hash. mingw-get-setup.txt mingw-get-setup.zip
  17. Just for reference, G2A is tagged FSA on hpHosts: https://hosts-file.net/?s=g2a.com Also, due to widespread fraud, the term "G2A" is censored on the Steam Community as a reminder.
  18. Did something end up on the dgVoodoo website?
  19. wsgf.org is the official website for the Widescreen Gaming Forum, which catalogues support of PC games for widescreen displays as well as configurations and patches for older games to support widescreen. Is this a false positive? If a particular file on the site, could the file be a false positive, possibly due to heuristics?
  20. By the way, it is coming up a different IP address, sometimes even an IPv6 address, when I flush my DNS. Not all the IP addresses that have resolved from the DNS name steam.naeu.qtlglb.com are being blocked.
  21. Just had a block appear on my own system as soon as I resumed downloads in my Steam client. Perhaps if the domain is still providing malware you could get in touch with Valve so they can perhaps reconsider their partnership with that site for content?
  22. Have you confirmed the file is infected and not a false positive? It appears to be legacy DOS-based utilities for old Cyrix processors.
  23. The website vogons.org is a forum dealing in retro computing. For some reason Malwarebytes is blocking it under the Trojan category. Could you look into what may be causing the block and if it is a false positive?
  24. Recently, the popular video game "Garry's Mod," in a controversial move, added GameAnalytics, specifically the DLL with the hash described at https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2ff3aee1fbe1dbc242aec3211c8d89bd08dcd075372410a9dad4b6492a6f9b91/detection. Can GameAnalytics be considered spyware or is it just one of those uproars that is much ado about nothing?
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