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  1. Is NSIS often used to pack malware, thus unsigned NSIS installers tend to trip up the scanner?
  2. Incorrectly detected as Malware.AI.3469410884 nsis-3.01-setup.exe.zip
  3. Here's the minidump from when Windows Setup crashed in the final stage. mwac.dmp
  4. Just wanted to mention I got the same crash. I'll send a Windows minidump if my next attempt to install the Insider build fails again.
  5. Do you have a local city tax too?
  6. Possible false positive, or outdated block. If it has to do with the "Sonic Gather Battle" malicious "DRM" I do believe they have removed any related files.
  7. VirusTotal says your engine doesn't detect anything; have you manually analyzed the file in question, and is it in fact malicious enough to block the entire domain?
  8. Is there an edit button on this forum? Another blocked URL is: ftp://archives.gamers.org
  9. The following /idgames mirrors cannot be accessed when Malwarebytes is active: https://www.quaddicted.com http://youfailit.net http://www.gamers.org
  10. Somehow it didn't attack the newer version installers like 3.06.1 which I currently use for development.
  11. nsis-3.0-setup.exe - SHA256 F7395CFC1B54444D17B507B8F62E6AE6C7807ABD2A6D3CE779EEED13087BCEC6 got detected as Malware.AI.297312164 on my Malwarebytes. nsis-3.0-setup.zip
  12. Is the host trying to force these files on visitors or are they part of a historical archive?
  13. How come cd.textfiles.com is blocked for a Trojan? They are a somewhat legitimate archival website; perhaps contact their webmaster if something is detected, in order to put up an advisory if appropriate?
  14. Does this mean you have ceased all partnerships with WOT? If so, that is very unfortunate for both Malwarebytes and WOT users.
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