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  1. After a frustrating hour or so of troubleshooting, I figured out that the MWB 3.3 web protection service was blocking all DNS requests when (and only when) I was connected to an openvpn network via their "Connect" client software. Turning off web protection resolved this issue immediately, turning it back on reproduced the issue immediately, so it's safe to say your software is doing something overzealous in the background, though I didn't see any explanation in logs or your support bundle. An update to 3.4 did not resolve the issue. Since I have no real need of the web protection service, I am leaving it disabled. It was only on because I downloaded the premium trial instead of the free version. To that end, I'm not that interested in a speedy resolution, or working with you towards one. I just figured I'd at least report the issue, and follow your support instructions to perhaps get you the logs you need. I did at least try whitelisting the majority of openvpn client binaries via 'exclusions' to see if I could give you something to go off of, but that didn't pan out. I see one other recent post about openVPN troubles, having searched, so perhaps it's the same issue. The log collection tool likely requires some work, if there's no trace of what's happening. mb-check-results.zip
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