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  1. Our end users know how to kill it when required. I agree, it would be nice if MalwareBytes figured this one out. I'm not getting a warm fuzzy feeling about the level of support we're receiving for an supposedly Enterprise product. Might have to look elsewhere when renewal time comes. Too bad....
  2. Spoke too soon. We just had a confirmed slowdown on a PC running just the anti-exploit.
  3. We've had 4 reports of slowdowns since splitting the office between two different profiles. Every occurance so far has been in the group with Anti-Exploit disabled and Anti-Malware enabled. Seem to be an issue with the Anti-Malware component of Endpoint Protection....
  4. We are experiencing the exact same issue. 13% CPU on MBAMservice.exe. We've been going back and forth with MB for the last week. I was asked to create two profiles, one with Anti-Exploit disabled and one with Anti-Malware disabled. I've just split the 200 endpoints we are protecting between these groups to see if we can narrow down which MBEP module is causing this issue.
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