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  1. Hi Nathan, thank you for the reply. I sent the App report. Best regards,
  2. Hello, I am using Malwarebytes for Android version with the malware-database 2018.03.27.01 and phishing-database 2018.03.27.03. Atm I have the premium functions activated. I downloaded and installed Osmand~ from f-droid https://f-droid.org/packages/net.osmand.plus/ version 2.9.3. Right after the download Malwarebytes and Eset do not find anything suspicious. After a few hours Malwarebytes shows a critical problem with Osmand~ which should contain the SvPeng trojan (attachement). I downloaded the maps - world overview - Germany Baden-Württemberg - Germany Bayern (just roads) - Germany Hessen (just roads) - Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen - wikipedia Baden-Württemberg - wikipedia Nordrhein-Westfalen TTS is activated for germand language. I also use the addons for editing OSM and for the parkposition. Its the third time i can reproduce this warning. The version 2.8.2 (on f-droid, below) has the same problem. Eset did not find anything. I uploaded the apk on virustotal, there were no threads. https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/b5a1420d495543cd9f0e85e8e6781c5b434f690c81cb7d886edf38086fd4b093/detection I would like to extract the base.apk which can be found at "data/app/net.osmand.plus-1/base.apk (Screen 2), but I have no root access on my device. Either osmand~ ist downloading a new base.apk within a few hours and installing it on the device without asking (which hopefully should be not possible), or there is a false positive warning from malwarebytes. Best regards, Ray
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