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  1. Oh, and if its worth... I have also sent an email to Steven Burn. Cheers
  2. Hy Zynthesist This IP came on this list years ago over HpHosts EMD when it was detected as SIMDA C&C activity. SIMBA was crashed down and inactive for years now and the enlisting is now a "history leftover". The IP is listed also under host/domain NAMIG.EU. We had troubles to communicate with this IP (eg sending email) because it is on a FireHOL block list (defined in our PaloAlto networks equipment). FireHOL is assembled from HpHosts EMD list also. It was also on Bambenek c2-ipmasterlist, by the same reason and John Bambenek already delisted it yesterday by my request. Thank you TanjaK for opening this issue and best regards from CT. Wish you all best and cheers
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