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  1. yes, everything seems to be fine at the moment @vbarytskyy stated that there wasn't any malware which was my main worry.
  2. @vbarytskyy Adding the exclusions to AVG didn't change the time taken to scan but it didn't freeze. Prior to the update, the threat scans took just over 3 minutes but they now take over 7 minutes. I've noticed that the scheduled scans take over 23 minutes despite being a threat scan. Scan for rootkits and scan within archives are both on within settings so I can't see any differences between a scheduled scan and a regular one.
  3. Hello, I updated my free version to the new a week ago and am currently on the premium trial. I've noticed that my usual threat scan takes longer than normal and my computer randomly freezes at various points. I was worried that I was infected but both the threat scan and the full custom scan showed no threats detected. The scan for rootkits option is enabled in my settings. AVG has shown no detections either. Looking at the forums, it seems like everyone's been having issues with the 3.4.4 version so I'm wondering if that is what's causing it. If so, should I just wait fo
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