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  1. I don't know if anyone has run across this issue yet, but I have had a really bad issue of my computer having a longer and longer delay in response time every time I turn on since the install of version 3.4.4.  I can't get connected to the internet, I can't bring up any of my files, everything seems to get locked out.  It takes me about an hour before everything starts running smoothly to where I have access again.  Also since I installed 3.4.4 my mouse will be slow to respond and suddenly wander away on it's own like it's being controlled by another source.  This has been happening since the update.  This is a brand new computer.  I have Webroot and Malwarebytes installed.  I don't go to questionable sites.  Not sure what's happening here.  Anyone have any explanations or having any similar things happening?

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