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  1. Kevin, That seems to have done the trick. I will leave sync off until I can clean and reset my work laptop. I appreciate your help! Thank you. -Nebul0us
  2. Yeah Kevin, MalwareBytes is still detecting them.
  3. Hi Kevin, Sophos scan came out clean. Fixlog attached. -Nebul0us Fixlog.txt
  4. Thanks Kevin, Here are the logs... FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. My scans keep detecting Spigot and Trovi and I need help removing them please. I recently went through the hassle of reformatting and reinstalling windows on my C drive and the infections are still present. Please help! AdwCleaner.txt MB log.txt
  6. Trovi and Spigot returns every time I open Chrome. If I remove and restart and scan without opening Chrome, nothing is detected. If I then run Chrome and do a scan it will detect it. Please help. Log are attached. I appreciate it very much thank you! Addition.txt FRST.txt MBLog.txt
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