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  1. Aura, I removed the Google Chrome extension MyTransitGuide. I ran Malwarebytes and it came back with a clean bill. It did not detect any malware. Thank you very much. Moyus
  2. Hi Aura, Thanks for your reply. I have run the Farbar Recovery tool and I enclose three files: 1. FRST.txt 2. Addition.txt 3. Malware bytes log.txt Thank you very much for your help. Moyus. FRST.txt Addition.txt 2017-11-08 Malware Bytes Log.txt
  3. For the past three weeks, malware detects many instances of PUP.Optional.MindSpark.Generic whenever I run a scan. When click on it to quarantine the infections, my google chrome browser automatically closes. After quarantining, I then normally delete the quarantined files. Many times I would then shut off my computer and restart it. After a few hours or less of computer usage, if I then run malwarebytes again, I would find that a reinfection has occurred. It seems that I am not able to get rid of the infection with Malwarebytes. Kindly advise me on what to do. It's a bit annoying for me to con
  4. Thanks so much. I updated to version 3897 and reran MBAM. It detected no infection. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks! Moyus
  5. Hi, I haven't visited in a while so I hope I am logging my problem in the right way. I ran MBAM (Database Version 3896) to check my sysytem and it indicated that my computer's registry is infected with Backdoor.Celofot. I deleted it using MBAM, then turned off my computer, restarted it and then rechecked my computer with MBAM. It continued to find the malware and I have been unable to delete it no matter how many times I try. I see from some earlier posts that many members think this is a false positive. Could you tell me if this is true and what should I do? I am running Windows XP 5.1
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