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  1. I'm using MWB Where do I find the location to enter items I want to Exclude from a scan?
  2. I just ran CC but I left Cookies and Recently Typed URLs. Great suggestion.
  3. Thanks for the addl info and I like the idea of cleaning up the temp files
  4. exile, Thanks for the reply. I hadn't thought of what you said about some malware using the recycle bin. I guess the smarter option is to not exclude it but just empty it more often or reduce its size to speed up the scans. Have a good week, Rob
  5. How do I exclude the Recycle Bin folder in Win7 from a scan? I don't know how to locate the folder in the Exclusion list settings
  6. Devin, Thanks for your reply. Does turning off both: "Automatically download and install application component updates" and "Notify me when full version updates are available" still allow the threat updates to come in automtically?
  7. I get popups to download a new version of MWB several times each hour. I Do Not like to download brand new versions of Any software and prefer to wait several weeks or even a month or two before download. 1. How can I find out what the version# MWB is trying to download and what is the Date it first came out in it's current form? 2. Why is there no user option to postpone the installation at the customer's discretion and to stop the annoying popups for say 7-14 days? 3 . Are there other easy ways to stop the MWB update popups? Most responsible vendors are more sensitive to their customer's needs, do not try to force feed their downloads and provide a check-off box to delay the installation. 4. All other forums I belong to have a one-time default option to "Notify me of replies" so users do not have to check off such a box each time. Does MWB have such an option? Thanks
  8. I sometimes suspect that my MWB gets corrupted and I like to delete it and reload from scratch. I have a fairly long Exclusion list of folders to enter each time which is the same on my 3 different computers. Is there somewhere the Exclusion list is stored in a file that I could just copy it over from one computer to another or even from a backup?
  9. dcollins, Thanks for the additional info. I knew MWB was a sensitive program based on years of experience with it but I am somewhat amazed at the variety of replies to such a simple request. To tell you the truth, I'm scared of doing anything more at this point. I'll ride with the annoying pop-up until next week and if I don't see any complaints in the forum, I'll download the latest version.
  10. Firefox, Thanks but even tho I am the only user/Administrator and do all the administrator functions on my computer, it says I need "Administrator Permissions" to delete it.
  11. exile, I've got both boxes marked "No" as you indicated and I'm still getting the update notice just as before. I've rebooted several times and both boxes remain "No" with no effect on stopping the notices. Please advise.
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