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  1. Any updates on this? My scan is scheduled for 0530 every morning and every morning I have to use Task Manager to stop Malwarebytes and restart it. It stays running at 5% unless I do this. I paid a lot of money for 4 subscriptions to this and so far I am still waiting for a fix or at very least an update on the problem. Thanks
  2. I hope a fix is coming soon. If not I won’t be renewing my subscription. They charge a lot of money for their product! Hopefully a fix is coming but have not heard anything as of late.
  3. Anything new on this? Was running 14% after a scan this morning. Thanks
  4. https://we.tl/9Leo5ivskm Still at 3-5 percent https://we.tl/9Leo5ivskm
  5. https://we.tl/3Z0fpC8RxG This is after I end process in Task Manager and restart Malwarebytes
  6. Still doing it. Latest https://we.tl/1fxs3WcljS. Thanks
  7. It's still running over 6% in task manager Is this normal? https://we.tl/5352EWLfgA
  8. Does not seem to be doing it anymore but here is the link to the dump. https://we.tl/07bhRranq7
  9. I cannot answer these questions. You would have to ask the moderator. I am just following advice.
  10. Sorry on vacation. Be back on 14th. I will send info then
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sehNa12CnZptikKr0kE7eO4U9f7CApem/view?usp=sharing Hopefully you can get it this way
  12. I have the same problem. If I open task manager and stop Malwarebytes Service the service restarts and usage returns back to .5. Same thing if I close Malwarebytesthen restart it. The usage spike seems to occur sometime overnight after my scheduled scan Thanks.
  13. No thanks. Glad you made them aware of the problem. Once again thanks for all your help!!
  14. Good work! I'm glad they're trying to find the source. Thanks.
  15. The email I get is of new album listings and when I click on the first album of interest I get the warning. Glad it’s not just me! Advice? I guess stop opening allmusic.com emails? I wish I could inform them of this problem if they have any control over it but not a big deal. Thanks again for your help. Just makes me angry how they rip people off!
  16. It isn’t a link direct from the site. I think the email is sent by a third party that serves all music.com. I’ll try to get the name if I can. Thanks for the help. If I can’t get it immediately please leave this open for a week or two in case I get another. Thanks
  17. Thanks for reopening. Just want to add once again I received an email from allmusic.com (which I was signed up for but have since cancelled) and it again went to the same fraudulent website as described above when I opened a link on the email. I had to use Task Manager to close my browser (Firefox). When I opened it again it was fine. This happened with the first occurrence also. Seems the first time you open any link in the email you get the fraudulent website. Just giving a heads up. I tried to get in touch with allmusic.com to complain but cannot find a way to communicate this problem to them.
  18. No that was it. Thanks for the help
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