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  1. Thanks Nathan. At first I installed and ran CCleaner for Android and while it cleared out some files it did not resolve the problem. Then following your advice I cleared Chrome for Android history and cache directly within Chrome (Triple Dot > Settings > Privacy) and it appears to have resolved the problem so far. I suggest keeping this thread open for a while in case something else occurs. msilvers50
  2. For past few days any time I use Google Chrome on my Samsung S8 I see a box displaying "us.prioritized456be.top" and a recording speaking Latin-like gibberish for 10-15 seconds. A display then says "Cleaner Update for Samsung recommended" "Install suggested antivirus product for free to clean your Samsung immediately" with the buttons Instalar and Cancelar. Sure seems like a virus to me even though I only use apps from Google Playstore, don't use my Chrome browser often except for legitimate search or news sites. Also, have Malwarebytes Premium on this phone since Jan 5 2018 and its sta
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