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  1. I'm gonna get on that. Thanks Ron. BTW, will I still be able to use my Malwarebytes premium account? I just bought it last month to fix this problem..
  2. Thanks for the support man. Just one more favor.. How do I go about doing a backup, formating the drive, and reinstalling windows?
  3. I will complete the steps later. To answer your question, the disk check never stops and always runs. Also, something else I'd like to add is that anytime I try to restart after a threat scan on Malwarebytes, the Windows restarting screen freezes. I usually unplug the laptop and plug it back in but, I'm not sure if that's appropriate. When I startup again, the threat scan says complete and the threats in the last scan are quarantined. My question is, does this affect the Malware Removal process?
  4. Please excuse my noob talk. It always does the disk check everytime and then runs through to normal mode just fine. It's always done the disk check. I just thought it might affect the malware removal process is all. I'll complete the logs sometime tonight or this week. Thanks for all the clarification mate.
  5. Oh my bad, man. This happens everytime. The reason I ask is because I read that I shouldn't run any other scan/virus protection programs run until the removal process is complete. So if it's not a problem, should I go ahead and run the FRST on safe mode then?
  6. Well, to be exact, it says"Scanning and repairing drive (\\?\Volume{779c3be7-1a8d-4e74-9020-64b9db29322e}): 100% complete" underneath the Acer startup screen. Does this mean I'll have to remove this scan and start the whole process again?
  7. Ok thanks man. I will update you by tomorrow because I get limited access to a clean computer. BTW, I have this scanning and repairing prompt on my acer screen during startup on my infected laptop everytime. Does this affect anything? Just curious.
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