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  1. thank you! yea we were concerned about that. This new version has a lot more built in prevention and protection than the old version we just migrated from that was installed and managed on premise.
  2. I have submitted the logs. I did make a test policy disabling protection from IE vbs , and of course that worked, however that is a security concern as well. I would prefer a proper exclusion.
  3. all that is , is the folder patch and filename executing. \\Lansweeper is the domain server name, it is not a mapped drive, here take a look. I try to click remote control, and the command from the program "lansweeper" is blocked as an exploit attempt
  4. We are trying to create exclusions so remote actions from Lansweeper can be run to remote control and also remote launch and see the computers C drive. the file plaths are below. I created MD% exclusions as well as several other file and path exclusions , but it still blocks it. any ideas? \\lansweeper\lansweeper$\lsremote.exe \\lansweeper\lansweeper$\shellexec.vbs
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