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  1. Thanks for the fix, Now Malwarebytes it's working just fine in the Spanish Version, thanks for giving us such a great software. rm
  2. I have re-installed Malwarebytes Propperly and If I leave Malwarebytes 1.46 in English it works very good, but If I change it into Spanish it comes with the error. I'm uploading a screen where you can see how the language names look strange including spanish. Can you help? someone else with the Spanish language having the same problem? rm
  3. I found the problem, I did everything you did and It worked, the problem is the language, what I did is that I uninstalled Malwarebytes and then re-started, then I used the mbam uninstaller, then I got back and installed malwarebytes in English and it worked, it opened and everything. The problem started againg when I changed the langague into Spanish, the error came again, another thing that I saw is that languages names appeared there very strange. I will do the same and bring some pictures...rm
  4. It didn't help, I used mbam uninstaller and I am still receiving the same error, I can't open malwarebytes.... What do I do?
  5. I'm trying to install new version 1.46 and Malwarebytes seems to intall ok, but when I want to open it it say runtime- error 383 text propperty is read only. How do I fix it? I never had any problems with malwarebytes installation before...rm
  6. This has been done twice without any success... As I stated before, the computer is clean, no viruses, no malware. I have a question for the users with this very same problem.... does this solution has given you good results?
  7. Guys, I'm trying to help a friend in Chile that does not speak English at all, I have been working with him all last week with no success, a found another people having the same problem but I do not see the solution. The problem is that Malwarebytes does not open and comes with 2 errors. Take a look at the following topic but in my friend's computer Malwarebytes can't even open. http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=45064 The 2 errors he is getting are: MBAM_ERROR_EXPANDING_VARIABLES (0,9) MBAM_ERROR_MSSING_FILE (3,0,mbamswissarmy.sys) He has Avast 5 free and windows firewall on his XP SP3 computer, we have made scans with the Avast boot scanner (no infections) with spybot (no infections) with SuperAntispyware (no infections) Have you found the solution? if so please let me know to guide my friend that wishes to continue to use Malwarebytes as his on demand scanner.
  8. Hey guys! I guess I erased the file insted of moving to quarantine, any way I'm no experiencing troubles to start my computer, everything seems to be normal since I can do anything. My question is, do you thing I will have problems in the future because of erasing that file? Please adivse.rm
  9. As usual I ran a full scan with malwarebytes in my computer and found this saying it's a rootkit... Could it be a false positive? can you advise in order to unquarantine or to erase it forverer from my computer. http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/3626/93537588.jpg
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