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  1. Thank you so much for your help!! I have been stumbling along for the past few weeks but certainly I couldn't solve it on my own. Thank you for your time and clear instructions. Have a nice day!
  2. Hi again, here it is the new run after the quarantine and reboot. This time it does look like its finished (hopefully) Malware 22.03.18.txt
  3. Hi Ron, here's the new log. Should I quarantine those 8 elements? Something tells me I might not be done with this issue Malware 21.03.18 v2.txt
  4. Thanks again Ron! I followed your instructions, please find attached the Fixlog file: Fixlog.txt I am posting from my PC, since I could finally connect to the internet. Does this mean that the issue is finally resolved??
  5. Thank you Ron for your answer. I followed all 3 Steps and I am attaching the files. Just in case, on Step 1 I only saved the txt, I didn't quarantine the results. And on Step 2, even though two ítems were found, the PC didn't reboot, I did (I waited a few minutes but the .txt had already popped up) Please let me know what can I do next as the issue is still present. Thanks again!! Addition.txt AdwCleaner[S0].txt FRST.txt Malware 21.03.18.txt
  6. Hi, for a few weeks now i have been having problems connecting to the internet. The error message referred me to proxy settings were I found out that my pc was always trying to connect via a proxy but when I disabled this and enabled the automatic option, upon leaving that window, my changes were not saved. First I got by by restoring my system, but after a recent windows update all my restore points were useless (my pc was restored to the issue still present). I tried other options like eliminating the proxy files from the registry, and others advised by Microsoft Help. But nothing worked. Luckyly I stumbled upon this forum were I saw that others had the same issue, but they had different solutions, so I will be grateful if you can help me as well. Please find attached my FRST and Addition Thanks in advanced! Addition.txt FRST.txt
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