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  1. Hi Nathan, Thank you for your feedback. Although I had already done a device restart, I did another one yesterday and now they're all working again. As you said, it may probably not have been Malwarebytes that caused this, but as it was the only app I had installed on my phone that evening, I assumed that this would be the cause. Must have been another reason, but I didn't figure out what it was yet. It works again, that's the most important! Problem solved. Case closed. Thank you.
  2. Hi there, Last night I decided to try out Malwarebytes for Android on my Samsung S8. Since the installation, all of the 3 messenger apps I installed on my Samsung S8 inside the Secured Folder (fka Knox) are no longer working. All of them produce a "connection error" when I start them up. I may have given Malwarebytes too many permissions I guess, but I need to know which permission I should take back without uninstalling the entire malware protection if you know what I mean. I'm not super technical, so it would be nice if someone can tell me where I should go in the phone settings and wh
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