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  1. i ran a verifier cmd because i had a reappearing trojan RAT. after that i had bsod randomly although it doesnt happen often. the trojan was removed after i had help here in these forums; so this bsod was a result of my initial attempt to get rid of the ttrojan. there is no verifier.exe file to uninstall; nor did i download any verifier program. my PSU is a silverstone ST1000 discontinued version- about 9 years old.
  2. followed a guide on MBAM about verifying files and decided i'd do it. 24hours later it would bsod and days after it would randomly and infrequently bsod with the same driver verifier problem. · OS - Windows 10 · x64 · What was original installed OS on system? Win10· full retail version· Age of system (hardware) 1-4 yrs· Age of OS installation - 3 yrs· CPU - i5-6600k· Video Card - rx480 4gig· MotherBoard - asrock z77 extreme 4· Power Supply - silverstone st1000· System Manufacturer - self built Desktop SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip PERFMON.zip 032118-10046-01.z
  3. ok sure thing! your support has given me confidence in mbam; is there someone i can talk to once my free trial ends?
  4. no threats! its gone. honestly wasnt the first place i would have looked
  5. C.7z OneTab, ill try to login and recover them ok i have my bookmarks, it closed my opened tabs, thats good.
  6. Fixlog.txt i think it would have been pretty important to mention that it wipes out all chrome open tabs, history, bookmarks.. even my bookmark backup addon was wiped out... but heres the fixlog. it didnt open a notepad for me
  7. hey aura, i'd like to do a cleanup to begin with and have that segue( or at least buy me time) to save things and turn it into a reformat and reinstall
  8. Hello, i've had issues with a trojan reappearing in client32.exe, quarantine doesnt help and it reappears the next time i restart. i've since upgraded to premium to actively block it and other such things, but rescanning after a restart shows it reappearing. i also believe that when i quarantine it , my computer hangs in the restart screen with the circling dots(mouse cant move). i have bitdefender installed also, and it doesnt detect the trojan. i get no pop ups or intrusive virus pop ups or anything noticeable(anything it does in the background i am not aware). M
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