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  1. Hello, Thank you. This version is working without issues (with the delayed startup protection turned off). I installed over the top. However, I got an error stating that the installer was unable to read/write to the Malwarebytes start menu folder. The permissions of the Malwarebytes start menu folder were non-existent. Please see attached. Checking after a PC restart and the Malwarebytes start menu folder is no longer there. A good thing really, because a) I don't have to battle with this issue (I'm not bothered about the lack of a start menu entry) and b) it should be reinstated with the next program update. I'm just alerting you to this issue. Thank you very much.
  2. I have set a delay of 60 seconds and restarted a number of times. No issues following this. Thank you for your help.
  3. Thank you for your advice. How are we going to notify the Malwarebytes Developers of this issue with Ransomware Protection? Am I to submit a support ticket?
  4. I can confirm that this is the cause of my issues. Having already suspected a Malwarebytes module as the cause of my problems, I jumped straight to disabling the Ransomware Protection module (for clarity; I didn't do anything else that you suggested). I've restarted 3 times without any problems whatsoever. I have checked the event logs, and "File System Filter 'MBAMFarflt'" is not listed at all, so it is no longer loading. This is what I believed was causing my issues. Therefore, I can only conclude that this is/part of the Ransomware Protection module. I'll continue to keep an eye on the situation for another 2 days, but after that I will be looking for a permanent solution. I could start with uninstalling and reinstalling Malwarebytes. I could also go back to the previous version, but I was previously badgered incessantly to upgrade to 3.4.4 and I don't want that. My family member's PC has not been prompted to upgrade yet, has Malwarebytes stopped the upgrade rollout? meaning, if I go back to the previous version, will I no longer be badgered to upgrade to 3.4.4? Thank you for your help.
  5. Hello, Windows 10 x64 version 1709 (10.0.16299.309) running Malwarebytes Premium In the last few days, Windows updates did update to the latest build and I have also upgraded and uninstalled/reinstalled Microsoft Office. Additionally, Malwarebytes upgraded to 3.4.4 on the 15th. The next day, I experienced problems with Windows not loading the desktop correctly. I would type in my user account password and then it would take a while before loading my desktop with no icons present. The "working in background" mouse icon would appear and the system would not load any further. No startup programs would be loaded in the notification area and I could not click on the Start button. If I pressed ctrl+alt+del I would get an access denied error. On the occasions that I could get so far as ctrl+alt+del and click to load task manager, I would get an access denied error. I would press the reset button on my PC and it would be a repeat of the above. Finally, on at least the 3rd reset, my desktop would load correctly. My analysis of the System event log (attached) makes me suspicious that it is the upgrade to Malwarebytes 3.4.4 that is causing the problem because the last entry immediately prior to errors about services not loading (due to access denied) is: "File System Filter 'MBAMFarflt' (6.3, ‎2018‎-‎02‎-‎08T17:51:34.000000000Z) has successfully loaded and registered with Filter Manager." ...and this is the case on all of the occasions that I have been unable to load my desktop properly. If you examine my event log, you will see the pattern that I am seeing (sort by: Date and Time Ascending). MB-Check and system event log attached. I thought of submitting a ticket to support but as there are a number of users experiencing issues upon Windows startup, I thought that I would post here. I was intending to confirm if Malwarebytes is the issue by uninstalling/reinstalling and/or going back to the previous version, however, I will hold off in case further troubleshooting is required. Thank you for any assistance. mb-check-results.zip startup issues.zip
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