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  1. Alvarnell, Thank you for giving me the benefit of your clearly intense interest and effort on this topic. I agree that any reciprocal benefits between vendors and testing organizations should disqualify the evaluation and that testing must be realistic. It is interesting that the independent folks and the IT Admins found no easy answers either. I suspect the problem of malware, generically, is a constantly moving target, adrift on the undercurrents of the ungovernable internet, the surface of which is buffeted by the winds of marketing.
  2. It appears some combination of MalwareBytes and an anti-virus may be maximal protection. I currently use MalwareBytes Premium and McAfee anti-virus provided by my employer (managed by the central IT Dept). My experience has been that MalwareBytes finds adware, redirectors and such that McAfee is blissfully unaware of. I am trying to figure out a good combination and I see some recommendations in the comments above. Can anyone point me to good articles on the web that discusss this question?
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