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  1. Hi! Due to a non-direct purchase, I do not know the email and password of the account for which was bought. An attempt to enter the form provided to contact Malwarebytes Support displays the page that I am attaching below. None of the given links unfortunately didn't solve my problem. What else can I do? Thank you for the quick reply.
  2. Hi! Because of the storm, I lost two computers. I have purchased the Malwarebytes Premium licenses for them yearly at g2a.com. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reset the normal way, nor contact with the seller. I would like to use these licenses on new computers because there are still several months of subscription. Of course, I have proof of purchase of these keys, which I can confirm. Please help Rafal
  3. Hi! I got ticket number 2262291 some days ago and no answer until today. I have 3 days left to use the trial version, and after that I will be forced to look around for an alternative program. I do not want to partake because I think your job is the best in the world but if it comes to customer service, I can not say anything good at the moment. 20 people (perhaps potential clients) of my friends are very interested in your the reaction. Most of them already said a few days ago that you do not care about your clients. I am asking you once again for an answer to the question: Have I purchased a legal product or have I been cheated? The time to cancel the transaction has long gone, so I am waiting patiently.
  4. Hi! I bought licence key on g2a.com and reinstalled my old win7 to new shiny win10 and when trying register program throws dialog windows with maximum licence been achieved! Right I bought 1 computer licence, but this is same computer. How can I change it to my new system. When I'm loggin to my Malwarebytes account there is writen that I have no licence registered. What shoud I do? Demend money back or if I proof transaction with reseller - registration will be completed. Rafal
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