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  1. OK, the first thing I did after MB wouldn't run right was download the MB rootkit Beta and try to run it. It failed to launch. Then, I downloaded Sophos' virus removal tool. It found one piece of malware: KovterLnk-A, but could not remove it (although it claimed to do so). Taking your advice and that of the Sophos forum, I ran Sophos in Safe mode. That worked to remove the evil shortcut script, but not the registry binary strings that composed the malware. In safe mode, the MB rootkit found and killed the registry entries. Problem solved! Also, MB now launches and runs properly in normal Win 7 mode. BTW, the name of the shortcut in Startup was "rtefazug." It defied removal, even from Admin. Thanks for your excellent advice.
  2. I'm a software engineer and have used MB successfully on many PCs. However, this Thinkpad T420, Win 7-64, won't run MB 3.4.4 properly. The real time screening functions are running and seem to be working. The only way to scan the C Drive is to select the drive and right-click to scan. The log of the scan shows some error messages, one false threat (I checked) and no malware. See attached. I uninstalled Total AV before running MB and rebooted. The Microsoft scan tools run fine and show no threats. I filed a bug report since it looks like a memory overwrite problem. MBAMSERVICE.LOG
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