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  1. Adding the exclusions for the Malware scans and adding the mapped network drives to the exclusions seems to have helped. That leaves the server to scan the local folders though the end user machines won't scan the excluded folders except for watching for ransomware, which is a bit concerning. Does adding the folders as exclusions keep MalwareBytes from scanning the folders on a full system scan? I just need MalwareBytes to not lock files and not actively scan the QBs files.
  2. I have found that when I stop the MalwareBytes service that QuickBooks is able to update payroll. Any version of QuickBooks QuickBooks files are on a network drive. What exclusion do I need to add to allow QB to update while MalwareBytes is running?
  3. I am having the exact same problem. When MalwareBytes is running UT18 is slow. When I stop the services it snaps back into place. I assume there is a exclusion that needs to be put in place and am testing some exclusions. Anyone else had any experience with this issue?
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