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  1. UPDATE: Below is the Farbar Recover Scan Tool (FRST) File scan AFTER the reboot from the AdwCleaner Scan. Hope to hear back soon. Thanks! AdditionTXT[After-Reboot3-15].txt FRST-TXT[After-Reboot3-15].txt
  2. Below is the -AFTER-Reboot Scan Files. By Skimming through the file, it looks like only two folders were deleted, but with all the attachments I've provided, Please get back to me on what my next step should be. Also, once I did the reboot, I had a "Software Update" 'Pop-up' appear. Below I uploaded a screen grab, before I close it out, I'd like to see if you have a suggestion on what to do with it. Please get back to me as soon as possible, thank you for all the help. AdwCleaner[C0][Aftrer-Reboot3-15].txt
  3. Below I have attached the file from the AdwCleaner Scan. This was the file which appeared BEFORE I clicked "Clean" I believe it found '3 elements' AdwCleaner[S0][3-15].txt
  4. Okay, I apologize, I will attach the logs instead. The files names "MalwarebytesTXTfile" are all regarding Step one. The program has been running scans, and seems to have possibly caught a few Viruses. I currently have (today's) Malwarebytes scan in the process, and need to Install the "AdwCleaner" Once I have that completed, I will update with another post, with those attached files as well. The files named "FRST" & "Addition" are regarding Step Three --- the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. Thank you for the help. MalwarebytesTXTfile3-12.txt MalwarebytesTX
  5. It seems as though my (work) computer has sent out a large amount of emails to people I may have recently been in contact with. The email (which was not sent by me) contained a dead link [the link did not open anything] according to those who reached out to me regarding this email. If someone could help verify the issue, it would be greatly appreciated. Here are the .txt files extracted from the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64 bit) (FRST) - FRST.txt - Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 11.03.2018 01 Ran by Beauty Exchange (administrator) on B
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