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  1. I, too, received the same type of e-mailed response to a Craigslist job posting I had listed. It appeared to be an attached CV, which had to be opened w/ a password. Ironically, when I was reading through previous posts, it was even the same password? "5558"? However, I thought that my virus software did not allow this to be opened, since I immediately received a notification? Unfortunately, a few moments later I received a 'ransom' note w/ instructions on how to purchase special decryption software to receive 'my RSA private key' if I ever wanted my files back?! There were instructions on how to open a tor browser, etc. I have not proceeded with any actions at all on my computer--not even restarting in safe mode. Just curious if any progress has been made regarding this ransom-type file encryption? I received this craigslist e-mail on Wednesday, March 7, but did not open it until Sunday, 3-11-18.
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