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  1. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine fell at home. She was equipped with a Life Alarm which included a sensor for falls. I was first contact for emergencies. The system contacted its base station and fortunately, automatically notified emergency responders. I live nearby and needed to open an iron gate for the responders. The Malwarebytes app blocked the emergency message from the Life Alert service, probably because it was automated. Fortunately, the backup number was a landline not equipped with spam blocking. Obviously, much more care is needed to avoid this issue. I have removed th
  2. Hi. Love the program and have relied on it heavily for years with fantastic results. Like others, I also noted difficulty in opening mbam (from shortcut or Malwarebytes folder and both user and administrator signons) in Win7. However, I overlooked trying safe mode. If it happens again, I will try that. It has been several times on different computers with different account numbers and current, updated versions of the software. In one case, the icon disappeared from the desktop tray as well. Uninstall including via Revo Uninstaller stalled and seemed frozen. I finally overwr
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