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  1. No, I just need this issue fixed.
  2. I just deleted all plugins and it did not help.
  3. It actually has nothing to do with my homepage or browser. I have tried everything possible including removing chrome using terminal and reinstalling. What search engine preferences would I need to change? It is currently set to chrome as default browser and google.com as my homepage.
  4. Hi All,I am having an issue where when I do a google search, it redirects to yahoo search, but shows as search.yahoo wajam. I cannot figure out how to remove this. I tried Malwarebytes and it is not picking it up. I tried chrome extensions and wajam is not listed. I removed all extensions and even removed chrome and tried to reinstall. It only affects google search. Anything I can do. This happens on all browsers. I am assuming it is spyware? I have looked at many wajam removal sites, but I do not have anything on my mac that has wajam. Here are some screenshots after google searching the word "test". Then someone suggesting altering my DNS which I tried too. Malwarebytes comes up clean. Please see what a google search for the word test redirects to. It completely changes to wajam yahoo. I do not have any wajam on my computer. Thanks,Matt
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