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  1. Was it a lifetime license that you bought within last few years? If so, you have to either open a support ticket explaining the situation or buy a one year license. Malwarebytes stopped selling lifetime ones after the year 2014.
  2. Wait a bit with patience. They will reply me. In my case they gave me a free one year license. From now on buy one year license.
  3. @Maurice Naggar @exile360 have an update guys, malwarebytes support did contact me and, they provided me a free One year license. I am happy with that and more importantly I now do not feel uncomfortable at all as the previous license was bought in such a time when Malwarebytes officially stopped selling them. That license had had a very good chance of being blacklisted and also it was most probably not registered correctly. A valid fresh one year license with an immediate subscription at my.malwarebytes.com will hopefully yield better support should anything fall. Thanks both of you for your insights advice and help 😊
  4. A support ticket has been made on Friday. Three days gone still no replies from them
  5. @exile360 @Firefox problem solved. Excel Mobile was actually installed on my Laptop. Honestly I do not know when or how the bloody mobile version of Excel was installed on the machine. I uninstalled Excel Mobile from start menu and it apparently is fixed. But before that I had to roam around in the settings menu to see the file type associations, there I first discovered Excel Mobile was there. Yes, every excel file hooked up in the Task Viewer was being opened by Excel mobile even though the associations for xls and xlsx was set to Excel by default the xls/xlsx docs were opening smoothly Only when they were in the task veiwer. Strange, no other MS Office App was installed, only the Excel Mobile one 🙄 Fun fact, when tagging your name I wrote excel360 and was wondering why tag still not appearing 😛
  6. 1. Tried restarting the computer, same. 2. I have not tried by myself. But oneday (after the phenomena started to occur) the laptop booted with disk check repair. After that no changes 3. How to check event logs or how can I produce them?
  7. @Maurice NaggarThanks I would do that. Plus, it would be very helpful if Malwarebytes introduce legit/official distributor for their products in Bangladesh. For example, IDM. They laready have done that. I have been purchasing from one of the Listed resellers.
  8. It could be something related to that. But apparently someone who purchased directly the license could also be affected after upgrading to beta 3.8.x
  9. Actually it is not like purchased directly from ebay or amazon or such. There are some Facebook Pages (local) who buys licenses for those who cannot purchase directly using a credit card. I am from Bangladesh. Shortly after the purchase I came to learn about risks associated with gray market license purchases. I purchased the Life time license on Feb, 2018 when probably Malwarebytes stopped selling the Life time versions.There are some obstacles to purchase directly from a particular website due to credit card limitation even for the people who have credit cards or other payment options that should be valid but unfortunately they are not yet etc.
  10. hello, it is a 3rd party seller. It is a life time license
  11. I clicked. But it takes me to the website, let me sign in and no deactivation stuffs appear. What appears is shown in the 2nd screenshot. No, I did not buy it directly from malwarebytes
  12. Hello, I am using MS Office Pro Plus 2019 After updated to Windows 10 Build 1903 I have been seeing two bizarre phenomena: 1. if an excel file is hooked up in the task viewer, and then if I click that excel file it now opens with Excel Mobile (read only mode) I have tried removing the file from task viewer, checked with other excel file to see if it was a problem with certain excel file. I have observed it is only happening with Excel files. Any PPT or Word files hooked in the task viewer opens just fine with MS Office Word or Powerpoint. I tried repairing from apps and features>modify. But it doesnt work at all.
  13. Hello, For over a year I have using a Lifetime License for Malwarebytes Premium. Today when I booted my laptop on a message from MB Premium popped up saying a new upgraded version is arrived. I clicked upgrade. Nothing happened. After a while the same upgrade message appeared. I clicked and started to upgrade MBP to version 3.8.x (cannot clearly remember the exact version number). After the update, I saw the MBP has turned into MBP trial version where I have 13 days left. I entered my lifetime license (which came with a License ID). Then maximum installations achieved error appeared. I then clicked deactivate other devices. It took me to my.malwarebytes.com (the website is a bit finicky). After a try or two it allowed me to sign-in. Now the thing is although I signed up for my.malwarebytes I could not remember if I had registered the license. There was a plus sign with register a license. I clicked on that and then the errors I found was like "there was a problem registering your license"your license is already registered" I have been using MBP for Only one device. My Swift 3 Acer laptop. I uninstalled MB trial version using mb-clean-, then rebooted. I went to MB official download page and installed the latest MB (which is 3.7.1) and tried to enter the license again. But same rounds of errors appeared. What to do?
  14. One enough good reason to have it installed. I have it on my Brave and Chrome browsers now. Thanks a bunch
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