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  1. Hi All, Just in case, I always keep a fresh full .exe installation file of Malwarebytes Premium (trial). My last saved full version is quite old. I want to download the latest one. As it is seen with browsers like Chrome Brave etc. the official malwarebytes support website downloads a small .exe file which then download and install the software. I can see full .exe files on sites other than malwarebytes however I am not sure if they can be fully trusted. Is it possible to download the full .exe file directly from malwarebytes. Or, is there any trusted website as alternative? Regards,
  2. Hey, thanks. I checked and saw it is saying disabled. So I guess after 22 days it will vanish from My Account page.
  3. Hi, there is an update. I did not know after I purchased the license (on May 05, 2020) it was already added to My Account section of Malwarebytes website. It has a renewal date of May 05, 20xx with an activate button. I am a bit of ashamed that ever since the purchase I did not visit my account section of the website. Since it is already has a renewal date of the said date therefore I clicked and successfully activated the new license. After that, it now looks like what @Maurice Naggarsays. One activated with the remaining subscription days. The other one with 22 days with a renew now ye
  4. Okay. I will tryna be as much patient as possible
  5. Hello, My one year Malwarebytes Premium License is about to expire in around 24 days. I have purchased new license. It is bought directly from Malwarebytes. I want to activate my newly bought license after 24 days is gone. However, Malwarebytes Program asks me to renew before the subscription ends (in 24 days). I am a bit confused. Does it make a difference if I chose to remain what I intended to do originally- wait 24 days, and then activate the new license or renew it now?
  6. Was it a lifetime license that you bought within last few years? If so, you have to either open a support ticket explaining the situation or buy a one year license. Malwarebytes stopped selling lifetime ones after the year 2014.
  7. Wait a bit with patience. They will reply me. In my case they gave me a free one year license. From now on buy one year license.
  8. @Maurice Naggar @exile360 have an update guys, malwarebytes support did contact me and, they provided me a free One year license. I am happy with that and more importantly I now do not feel uncomfortable at all as the previous license was bought in such a time when Malwarebytes officially stopped selling them. That license had had a very good chance of being blacklisted and also it was most probably not registered correctly. A valid fresh one year license with an immediate subscription at my.malwarebytes.com will hopefully yield better support should anything fall. Thanks both of you fo
  9. A support ticket has been made on Friday. Three days gone still no replies from them
  10. @exile360 @Firefox problem solved. Excel Mobile was actually installed on my Laptop. Honestly I do not know when or how the bloody mobile version of Excel was installed on the machine. I uninstalled Excel Mobile from start menu and it apparently is fixed. But before that I had to roam around in the settings menu to see the file type associations, there I first discovered Excel Mobile was there. Yes, every excel file hooked up in the Task Viewer was being opened by Excel mobile even though the associations for xls and xlsx was set to Excel by default the xls/xlsx docs were opening smoothly
  11. 1. Tried restarting the computer, same. 2. I have not tried by myself. But oneday (after the phenomena started to occur) the laptop booted with disk check repair. After that no changes 3. How to check event logs or how can I produce them?
  12. @Maurice NaggarThanks I would do that. Plus, it would be very helpful if Malwarebytes introduce legit/official distributor for their products in Bangladesh. For example, IDM. They laready have done that. I have been purchasing from one of the Listed resellers.
  13. It could be something related to that. But apparently someone who purchased directly the license could also be affected after upgrading to beta 3.8.x
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