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  1. Hi Kevin, OK thanks. I have sent a donation by PayPal. Regards, Alex
  2. Hi Kevin, I have removed FRST. Can I delete mbar- ? Alex
  3. Hi Kevin, Yes, all looks to be OK. Thanks for your help. kind regards, Alex
  4. Hi Kevin, Logs from Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit attached. I think no cleanup required. Kind regards, Alex mbar-log-2020-11-20 (22-22-12).txt system-log.txt
  5. Hi Kevin, Thanks for your reply. I attach the FRST files. Kind regards, Alex FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Hello, Trojan.Multi.GenAutorunProc.a was detected by Kaspersky but it said Rootkit Scan cancelled 1 object not detected. I then ran a full scan with Kaspersky but nothing was found. I ran a scan with Malwarebytes and nothing was found. I am not sure if this malware was removed by the full scan. I would be grateful for help on how to check if the trojan is still there. Many thanks, Alex
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