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  1. I think i found out what couses the problem. So there is this program "Gigabyte app center" when i open everything seem fine but then it closes and the annoying dialog box appear.
  2. I havent seen it appeaer again but as i said it appears randomly so i should wait to see if it is really gone. i will write here if it appears again though. Thank you once more. Radoslv scan2.txt
  3. Ok i did as you said and here is the folowing fixlog. Thank you in advance Radoslav Fixlog.txt
  4. Ok, so i did everything as you said and cleaned my pc and made all the logs. I hope it helps you understand what my problem really is. Results from the scan1.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt AdwCleaner[S0].txt
  5. Hello, I did as you said in the first step and malwarebytes found a lot of potentianl risks but i am not sure if they really are risks as i use alot of cracks for games and other programs. However, i did meke the log file. Thank you in advance Radoslav Nikolov Results from the scan.txt
  6. Hello, I am not sure if it the right place to ask such help but i think there is nowhere else to go. So i experience these extracting windowses. They pop up randomly and there is nothing writen on them just "Extracting" which means i don't know what is being extracted or where or from which softwere.I tried various fixing programs but without any success. there is photo of such a window. Please help we get rid of it. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.
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