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  1. Ok. Yes it worked in Safe Mode The culprit seems to an extension called Drag To Scroll. It let me screen by holding down the left mouse button and dragging. I kind of like it but could live without. I was using it before without problem. I will check it's settings.
  2. Might you have a clue about this, Kevin? After re-installing Firefox the formating button / bar in Gmail shows but doesn't function. It's ok in Chrome. Lloyd
  3. Ok. Thanks. I am curious why it is important to remove the zemana, and to do it so carefully.
  4. Yes that worked, Kevin. Thank you Did take a while to reinstall and then to set Firefox the way I like it. Will make a donation.
  5. Ok. Looks like it will take a while., I'll check in tomorrow. Nice to know I can save my Bookmarks.
  6. Nope. RocketTab is still taking my Google search page. I see the real page for a second then it flashes to the fake page. Image is attached. Thank you for helping me. I hope there is something more to try. Lloyd 2018.03.05-15.41.20-i0-t92-d6.txt AdwCleaner[C1].txt Fixlog.txt
  7. I have this same problem starting thhis morning. Using Firefox on Windows 10, my Google and Bing search pages are taken over by a semi-look-alike RocketTab page. I am Malwarebytes Premium with all protections turned on. A full scan did not identify RocketTab. Looking for advice.
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