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  1. I don't know if it is feasible or not, but it would be great if you guys added in a feature for IOS iphones to protect or encrypt phone calls. I know there are some message apps that you can download that claim to do this and that is a big trust factor...I just saw you have an IOS in beta - but did not see if any protection over actual phone calls was included or not?
  2. I am hoping you can help me. A relative in my family fell for one of those Microsoft scams and gave remote access to my desktop windows 10 computer. I ended up factory resetting it but still had issues & the relative actually got me new computer. However, before that happened I was already having weird issues with my previous iphone 5s which I upgraded to a brand new iphone 8 plus because my calls were being interrupted, keypad opening and numbers being pressed, also speaker coming on while I was speaking...I hoped if I got new phone it would help...so honestly don't know if this incident
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