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  1. On removing all synced data from Firefox....is it possible to not even have a Firefox account to sync with? 'Cause I've tried every email I've ever had since I was 12, and there weren't any accounts connected to any of them. Scan log attached, @shadowwar. First scan.txt
  2. Quarantine folder: https://www.sendspace.com/file/4vcoow I'm doing the Firefox steps now.
  3. I'm still having trouble uploading the Quarantine folders. Sendspace will only upload files, not folders. Yet when I click into the folders to get the files, there are no files for me to click on (screenshot attached. If I click to further open the folders, I get a blank screen/more folders that eventually lead no where). On that note, I've noticed twice in the past week when using Firefox that in the midst of doing something else (like watching anime or designing a game) a new Firefox tab will open with adware with audio. I didn't catch the website as I exited out of it very quickly. We definitely missed something somewhere... Fixlog.txt
  4. The thing I was talking about in #15 appears for a split second when you first turn on the PC, so I can't get a screenshot. It's during the logo screen (Dell for me). I tried taking a photo and attached the best one I could take with my phone. I zipped the FRST/Quarantine folder so I could attach it, but it's too large even after compression. "You are only allowed to upload 58.59mb." Looks like the actual size of the folder after compression is about 140 MB. I checked the subfolders' properties to see if I could send it in smaller chunks, but they'll still be over 58MB after compression since it's really two big folders about the same size. Got any other ideas?
  5. That got rid of the menu, but I'm still seeing the "Scanning and repairing ..." message. Anything we can do about that, or should I just live with it? Thank you again, by the way. Fixlog.txt
  6. Looks like that did it! I don't see any bad apps running any more and the scans came back clean. Two things that I've noticed are still different: upon booting up my computer, I still have to choose how to boot up, which I'm assuming is a result of the FSRT code you had me input. I still see the "Scanning and repairing (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)" text shortly after that when the computer logo screen pops up upon boot. Anything we can do to get rid of those? Fixlog.txt AdwCleaner[S1].txt mrt log.txt Malwarebytes report 3.txt
  7. Done. Sorry for the delay...my second computer bit the dust, so I had to go over to a friend's house. What's next? FRST.txt
  8. Will transferring a USB keywboard/mouse for use on the clean PC transfer the virus? I spilled something on my other PC, so I have to use an external keyboard that's currently plugged into the sick PC.
  9. I'll go out and buy one now. Thank you for helping with this. Viruses are not a fun experience.
  10. I was able to delete the folders aforementioned shortly after posting my original message, so I can't upload Zips\accumulates.exe anymore. My apologies. Yes, I have access to another PC. No, I don't have a USB flash drive with 4GB. I do however have a phone that is recognized by both computers with over 4GB space on it. Will that work, or does it have to have no internet/networks on it? Fixlog.txt
  11. I have a virus that has bypassed Malwarebytes, HitmanPro, and AdwCleaner. Originally it was part of another virus that got removed by those tools (SystemHealer, s5m, AnonymizerGadget, and something else). I can see it in my Program Files as a folder named "judith" and "Zip" and others. In those folders are the applications "Closeness" and "accumulates," which are clogging up my computer. I can't delete them because they are in use by another program, and as soon as I end them in Task Manager they pop up again. I can't "Shred" them through McAfee either. They are not being recognized by any program as a virus, yet they are or are remnants of aforementioned virus I can't get rid of. What should I do? FRST.txt Addition.txt Malwarebytes export log.txt
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