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  1. @FireFox. BIOS A24 had issues and was immediately pulled from Dells downloads. latest AV Symantec version is 14.0.3876. MP1. when installing both latest AV and MB versions speeds are near identical with bios A20. but with bios A25 either the MB or AV needs to be OFF or uninstalled for speeds to show improvement. therefore downgrading it to A20 seems to be another solution at the moment.
  2. @Firefox. so its a Dell T7910 ? Did you recently update your BIOS to version A25 ? A25 included the following fixes. Fixes & Enhancements. BIOS A25 1. Updated Chipset support 2. Updated the handling of pre-boot authentication information by firmware 3. Updated the handling of 3rd party Option ROM loading 4. Updated SPI flash command configuration settings 5. Fixed potential POST issue with joystick attached 6. Updated PS2 keyboard detection timing 7. Updated to Intel ME Firmware addressing security advisory INTEL-SA-00086 8. Updated to the latest CPU microco
  3. word 2010 opens in 15 seconds with mbam and symantec av together. removing mbam it opens in 3 seconds. does this across 5 machines. installed 3.3.4 and same thing. could using process monitor locate the issue ?
  4. Went ahead and excluded all of the above for both antivirus and malware. rebooted. waited 30 minutes and results are still 15 seconds for opening up word 2010. could it be possible that all of the code released from microsoft patches such as spectre, etc create an issue between security apps such as symantec and malwarebytes co-existing?
  5. Here is what I tried. removed Symantec AV 14 MP1. Remove Malwarebytes. rebooted. logged in, opened word in 2 seconds. Installed Malwarebytes, activated full version. rebooted. opened word in 3 seconds. Installed symantec antivirus AV 14 MP1 antivirus feature only(no firewall, no network threat etc) plain vanilla. rebooted. opened Word 2010 in 15 seconds...... Uninstalled malwarebytes, opened Word in 2010 in 3 seconds. tried both version 3.3.x and 3.4.x beta. they both do the same thing.
  6. Tried the above steps and still no difference, takes 15 seconds to open Word with State Stop for ESProtectionDriver. although i don't think turning ransomeware off does anything inside malwarebytes app, stopping the service did. Went inside malwarebytes app, switched off ransomware protection. opened cmd, ran SC query ESProtection Driver....status still showed Running.. >SERVICE_NAME: esprotectiondriver TYPE : 1 KERNEL_DRIVER STATE : 4 RUNNING (STOPPABLE, NOT_PAUSABLE, IGNORES_SHUTDOWN)
  7. We disabled ransomeware protection and no difference. opened word in 15 seconds like before. went one step further, disabled all features of malwarebytes and same thing still opened 15 seconds. removing malwarebytes, opens in 3 seconds. This is running on a Dell T5810 e5-1650 v3 with 16GB ecc ram, samsung ssd 860 512gb drive, 710gt video card, symantec av 14 with mp1, intel management v11.7. latest updates applied via check windows updates. Also to note, upon reboot for about a good minute or so we can open word 2010 fast, but after that its 15 seconds watching the Wo
  8. brand new installed windows 10 pro 64bit and office 2010 pro on a Dell system with 16GB ram 6 core e5-1650 cpu, 512gb ssd samsung, running malwarebytes with symantec endpoint v14.1 mp1. Issue: when opening just Word 2010 it takes near 15 seconds while we see the word starting..splash screen. Excel, powerpoint, publisher open up in 3 seconds. removing malwarebytes and word 2010 opens up in 3 seconds. No other programs have this issue. performed uninstall of office and reinstall. same issue with malwarebytes installed. We have this across 5 computers with mal
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