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  1. Hi, I have uninstalled McAfee (will reinstall later) just to be sure it is disabled, quit mbam, and here are logs attached. It is still failing to access process. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. What do you mean by fully disable? Just disable real-time protection? Or is there more to disable?
  3. Hi, have done all three steps. However (not sure if it matters) the log file on the second step did not open when rebooted, so I manually found it. Logs.zip
  4. Hi still here, just had a busy day but will do all the steps tonight.
  5. Hi David, please see attached photo, I would’ve taken a screenshot but can’t really access internet on the laptop. How can I tell what is legitimate and what isn’t?
  6. Is there a way to check for any hidden partitions or something like that? As there is a lot of GB missing from the laptop. Thank you for your help so far, I am sorry to be a pain, I just want to be a 100% certain.
  7. It has a small button on the side, which can be pressed and it will load recovery menu. From this point I select restore from initial point. Everything on their is deleted, yet there is almost 190gb of storage missing.
  8. Hi David, Thank you I will look to replacing the battery. Is it possible for a Rootkit to survive a Lenovo reset? Could you please also assist why mbam anti Rootkit won’t update and why there’s almost 200gb missing after the reset. I just want to be sure that the laptop is clean because I believe I am being specifically targeted.
  9. Have good reason to believe that current laptop is infected, my phone and other laptop have been infected and I have had to send the other laptop to repair, and my phone to be flashed. Current laptop is windows 8 Lenovo z50, have done Lenovo reset from the Lenovo button, when running the laptop a large amount of GB is already used, battery life is terrible and does not charge past 58%, and then drops to 5% in a few minutes after unplugging (however the laptop is 3 years old), I have tried installing Mbam anti Rootkit, it installed successfully but doesn’t update (failed to resolve host) and the internet connection is working. Have also installed GMER and it starts to scan, but then crashes. I would just like help in detecting if there is a Rootkit, and possible ways to remove it or would I have to get the bios flashed? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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