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  1. Hi, again, just wanted to assure if it's really not possible, as I received no answer within a week. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I would like to help you translate the Mac version of your app into the Slovak language, as this language is already available for the Windows version of Malwarebytes. Is something like this possible? Thanks for letting me know. Roman
  3. That would explain it. But nonsense for me is, that when I try clean boot (no 3th part programs or services started) it happens anyway. It is indeed only in safe-mode without networking. I try to dig deeper and try to find out, if it will be the same when I disconnect the computer from the internet. Thanks. Yep, I have official Windows 7 Professional CD, so I should be able to start repair in the worst scenario. Thank you.
  4. It is indeed available there and I am able to delete it, and I do, but after every restart it is back. So I am in this endless loop, it's not like I can't delete it, but "I can't delete it", you know? So when I delete the account through the control panel like you said, it's deleted, even when I log off the account, I can see it is not there. Then I click on restart and here we are, on the start again. I tried to delete another account and that went off just fine even after restart it was just gone. This one is somehow non-deletable and it's connected to the system itself. Anwyway, I used Tweaking.com program some time ago and it really fixed even the weirdest problems, so I can give it a shot. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for that Windows Update fix program. It helped and it really fixed the problem even without restarting the system. Bowing to you sir. About deleting the users as you said. I tried all the possible ways in the links you posted. Nothing helped, but there are few interesting facts about them. When I try to run lusrmgr - Local Users and Groups - I cannnot manage anything, as this error pops up: But from here (netplwiz), I can see all the users, including the one that keeps reapearing: Unfortunately, even after deleting that account from that management, its back after restarting the computer. Deleting Java wasn't successfull too, I tried to uninstall it without the uninstaller first, where I got the following error: Then I tried their uninstaller that you also posted and also got an error, which is probably connected with broken and non-removable accounts. I would just set up new accounts, but there is no way how I can remove them without reapearing again. I attached the log from the uninstaller below. I tried to delete and turn off system restore and all the backups there to see if it will help now. I also looked in the user profiles settings and there are only 2 user profiles mentioned: But I still see 3. In the user folder there is however the folder with the name TEST, which is not deletable. (nopass is name of one user accounts I created) I also checked the regedit and there are also only 2 profiles mentioned, as I deleted the others from there manually too. I am not sure, what else I could do. Thanks for your valuable reply and I would love to see this Windows update fix in the toolset from malwarebytes. JavaUninstallTool.log EDIT: I managed to delete the user “TEST” folder from the “Users” folder on my C: Even when the peoblematic user is not there anymore, it still shows in the user list.
  6. Okay, here you go. mb-check-results.zip ...also I should mention, that Windows Updates aren't working because of an unknown issue. Error is saying, that the service isn't running, which is not true at all, I checked. Also I downloaded some fix-tool from official Microsoft site, which doesn't helped either.
  7. Hi, my client just gave me his laptop for basic repair. There is one issue though, when I want to remove the TEST account created there, it will, but after restart it's back. Same thing is, when I delete password for certain user, it will be deleted as long as I don't restart the computer. I tried clean boot + all the things listed here: https://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/181036-user-account-delete.html + sfc /scannow + all MB products I don't have a clue what's going on and where are these users stored. I don't wanna reinstall that much. I alsto noticed, that when I set, after deleting that account, to restart computer into safe mode, the account stays deleted until next restart without it. Weirdest issue of all times, but something is pretty broken. Roman
  8. Greetings, do you have system restore enabled? https://windirstat.net/ is a utility which gives a visual indication of disk usage. See those large chunks of data. https://imgur.com/a/vEGzj They are using the most data on your PC. It shows you a file tree but you can also click on those blocks and right click on Explorer here and go directly to that file. The program can show you where you can possibly save the most space. Could you also disconnect the other disks as well and let connected only the one with OS you have issue on?
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