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  1. thanks changing the ip address, and name and that seems to have helped. Did a factory re-install and things are looking good now. Shut down the wireless too and using only cables. A friend at work said that his gaming computer seemed to be targeted too, but not his kids or wifes. We concluded its because each of us has dual graphics cards which probably makes us higher valued targets for mining too. thanks for the unchecky and mcshield. Gonna keep the gaming system offline for a while too...help it disappear.
  2. I did mange to change to a new IP out of 196 listing, and then change the name after. I was even trying out the new version of opera, over IE, or firefox...to stay off the main ones people use too.
  3. I thought I would wait till later to do the windows update again...didn't even get through it all. Got found again and blaster virus on router shut out any checks for it. The XP here is ok, yet it looks like I'm being specifically targeted and searched out. I know 2wire has exploits but AT&Ts tech support doesn't know anything. When a tech support supervisor says you only need to run windows defender with its firewall....I know they don't know anything. I honestly thought I did better this time. I installed powershell 5.1 first instead of keeping the old 2.0 it was installed with, put on .net 4.7 on over what it had, then did HP updates, and AMD cpu/gpu updates/drivers.....then the rest of windows....never got finished with windows. I'm outa ideas right now....and really frustrated.
  4. actually its made no difference. the router actually got hacked.....took over 4 hours for them to even reset it...although I doubt they did a reformat of the router. So while that was being done I just did a factory reset. just using an old single core XP with nothing important on it right now till I'm sure the router is more secure. The picture below is what alerted me to something in the router....because at the time that computer was being factory reset and not connected. So did that message mean the router was waiting for that system to come back on? AT&T says the router wasn't comprimized, yet it looks it was. The message actual targets the gaming computer...not the one I'm typing here. So when I was looking for info on this computer last night...that window popped up with that message. I got off and called AT&T and was off line for 4-5 hours. so i'm reading up on that alert right now as i've never seen it before.
  5. the emsisoft that is running detected the bottom 2 as "smartservice(A)" and while trying to get back to you here...the following came up. So I think the router got hacked too, which could be the root of my problems.
  6. Technically nothing...I can try to quaritine the ones listed by running the same check with that function on. The 2 at the top are just other antivrius programs. The two at bottom I have no idea if they are needed or just the same. The other normal emsisoft scan just started running caught both of them and listed them as "rootkit.smartservice (a)". Does windows 10 really protect against rootkits like they say? Because I know 7 doesn't.
  7. found 2 with command line scanner see pic
  8. i did get the emsisoft commanline scanner to work...not sure what to run for it.
  9. will not run, even when i click run as admin
  10. got defender to work and run a scan
  11. antivirus programs now give service did not respond to start or control request in a timely fashion. checked dependancies and started what was listed...still no go
  12. says started...not running. When trying to start firewall or antivirus programs that same error comes up.
  13. can't get firewall or anti-virus programs back on.
  14. seemed like it worked. it began installing updates. can i turn firewall back on before trying to log on? I don't like having an open computer. Fixlog.txt
  15. figured out how to run it. I used the flash drive that had frst on it. file attached. still not working Fixlog.txt
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