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  1. List of possible feature requests or updates Multi-factor Authentication for Admin's logging into the Cloud console. Least Privilege or tiers of rights/permissions so a enterprise rookie doesn't change the production policy on the live environment. Displays previous update and newly installed update under Task Details for Check for Updates Display currently logged on user or last known user similar to MBMC Assigning different exclusions to groups instead of globally in the console. Product lockout on install that prevents other versions of Malwarebytes from being installed on top of existing install Password protect services & prevent unauthorized uninstalls similar to other AV and protection software Expand Client-side interface similar to the the consumer version Continue to expand Mac endpoint protection Alerts for Continued failed updates or commands on an endpoint Malwarebytes Cloud SIEM Integration Display endpoint boot-up time Display time since last reboot Ability to cancel commands prematurely Ability to push custom scans from console & client (root kit, full, etc.) Expand threat details in Events Sort console fields by custom options Support Portal for business customers to review/submit tickets and interact with support. When navigating between pages in the console, have it save your scrolling progress instead of resetting to the beginning of the list. Wastes time Options for commands that can copy and pull log files remotely (config, agent diagnostic, mb-check, etc.) would make support and troubleshooting easier. When scrolling in the console and selecting an endpoint, returning to the console doesn't save the admins place in the list instead returning to the top everytime thus wasting time as the admin rescrolls down the list Ability to annotate or add comments to endpoints under the endpoint overview or other tab to help assist admins in endpoint management. A report option for a .csv of all registered endpoints in the console. Currently have to manually copy/paste into an excel to grab all endpoints Ability to assign exclusions to groups in addition to globally. Ability to sort detection or quarantines by threat(PUP.Optional.Spigot.Generic) in addition to threat type (PUP) Ability to remotely deploy tools or installers from the cloud Ability to customize scan times and options by device in addition to group. If Bob cannot be scanned until 1300 on Fridays, admins shouldn't need to create a separate group for Bob and assign a scan to the group. More verbosity with errors on the endpoints and the ability to read those errors in the cloud console.
  2. Same here. Any solution other than writing an exclusion?
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