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  1. Okay, I checked the Skype version I'm using and it's I have a possible solution that worked for me with this version of Skype when I faced the problem a year ago, so I don't know if this'll solve the problem on the later versions but now I don't see any ads at all. I'm not sure but I think this also blocks Skype's updating but once again, I'm not entirely sure. If this doesn't work, feel free to remove the blocked sites. I'm using Windows 8.1 so I'm not sure if the steps are the same for 7 and 10. Go to Control Panel and open Internet Properties (or you can search for it using the search feature) When in Internet Properties, click on the Security tab Under the Security Tab, click "Restricted Sites" and click the Sites button under that Add the following domains: apps.skype.com and g.msn.com and click close Restart Skype
  2. This happened to me August of LAST YEAR with version 7 of Skype (not sure which one exactly) and the version I was using was the latest one at that time. I was getting suspicious ads for a couple of days until one day a fake tech support website popped up in a new chrome tab with a very disturbing image and I was confused how it happened because I had adblock enabled. I scanned my PC with a couple of programs and nothing was found. After a while, I determined that Skype was the problem since when Skype was closed, my computer acted normally so I then manually blocked Skype's ad network and automatic updates feature so I didn't have to keep blocking Skype's ad network after everytime I updated. I don't know why or how a big company like Microsoft would ever allow sketchy as networks to advertise for any of their programs and not do anything about it ?. I still use that version of Skype today and I have no clue if I should actually update or not since I'm not a fan of Skype 8.
  3. Just an update, updated 1 of the 3 Intel drivers so far and there hasn't been a blue screen yet. I will update the other two soon.
  4. Ran the program you suggested, wasn't really surprised to see a lot of out of date Intel Drivers. Since the free version of the program updates them pretty slowly and I don't really have much time, I'll try running Intel's driver updater to manually update them once I get back home next week since the drivers on MSI's website are really old. Fixlog attached below, and I redownloaded the extensions that I actually used (adblockers and Avast's site rating) after it ran since the FixList deleted all of my Chrome extensions, haven't checked Firefox yet, I probably won't be anytime soon since I only use Firefox to download large files. Fixlog.txt
  5. I'll try to download and run the software your recommended and run the FixList ASAP. If I can't do it tonight, I'll try to do it on Saturday unless I have the time tomorrow or Friday (I probably won't). If I don't reply by Saturday, please don't close the thread, it'll most likely mean that this program will be keeping me busier than I expected this weekend. In the meantime, do you think Avast's notification about it stopping GandCrab from running after my PC blue screened was a false positive or do would you need more information to determine so? I didn't see anything new in the virus chest after the pop-up came up, just all of the false positives from over the years that I haven't bothered to whitelist.
  6. To add more info, the BSOD error was "driver_irql_not_less_or_equal" but the last time I've manually did something driver related was updating my graphics card like early last month. The last time I've actually gotten a blue screen was a few years ago and they were always Watchdog Violations iirc. Also, Avast said that the GandCrab variant that tried to load onto came from a payload (I couldn't get the Avast notification to come back up), but I'm not sure if it's a false positive since my computer was just in the middle of getting all my usual programs to start up and even though my PC says that it's connected to the internet, it usually takes a while to actually do so, and Chrome wasn't fully open yet. Other than my disk usage being consistently 100% (it went down a couple of times) for the past couple of times that I've used my computer (the suspects when observing Task Manager were usually Avast, Malwarebytes [I figured out the main reason was because when it upgraded to the trial premium version, it was scanning everyday instead of once a month but even after changing it, it was pretty high], or the System) but the main suspicious thing that happened recently was when I was playing League of Legends, Malwarebytes suddenly disabled all of its shields one of the times that the game froze (90% sure the game crashing wasn't because of my computer because other people are having the same problem). If Avast wasn't showing a false positive, I'm very confused as to how Ransomware would've gotten on my system and why it would've tried to activate when my computer was just starting up instead of the last time I used my computer.
  7. For a couple of days now my PC has had high disk usage and I thought it was because everything was updating since I haven't used it in a while due to this summer program..but just a few minutes ago my computer bluescreened and Avast said something like it protected me from one of the GiantCrab variants of ransomware or something, not sure if it was just one of the random general messages it says. I ran Malwarebytes a couple of days ago and everything came up clean minus the two PUP's from my brother's profile I was planning on deleting. I think I might somehow have a Rootkit but I haven't downloaded anything weird recently or gone on any weird websites. Can anyone check my logs? FRST.txt Addition.txt
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